Small pieces for sale at Daily Paintworks

Tea Rose 6x6. available at DailyPaintworks.com

I create small pieces as a part of my process... the "Orphan Art" and am posting them on Daily Paintworks. In the past I have only sold them in my studio but...they are like rabbits and seem to be multiplying in the studio when I am not looking! Please visit and spread the word. Many thanks



A new outlet for "orphan art"

My painting habits result in more and more small sketches and studies that seem to gather and reproduce like rabbits in my studio. They need good homes...thus "orphan art"

check them out at my  dailypaintworks.com

Here's a little sketch that needs a home!


Tutus, tutus and more on display in San Francisco.

...a real fantasy!


Happy Almost New Year!

It's been a busy year with obligations that have kept me away from painting. Here's to a fresh start!


Getting ready for California Dreamin' here in my studio.

As I write today, there's a storm rolling across the country, but we are getting ready for our holiday event here in the California Bldg....California Dreamin', so we are all channeling warm vibes.

I will have 3 open studio opportunities this month.

– First Thursday, Dec.5 from 5 to 9 pm

– CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' at the California Bldg, 22nd & Calif. St NE, Mpls, MN

   Friday, Dec 13 from 5 to 9 pm and Saturday, Dec. 14 from noon to 6 pm.

I will be joined by Jeweler Nancy Garrity with her wonderful creations.



Heat wave. Tidal wave. New wave!

 It was a hot time in August here. Show is coming down from the Mpls Club. Newsletter done for this month. The "day job" gets busy. Family obligations continue..... so am working to squeeze in painting time around the edges.

Gotta run!


Art-A-Whirl is over, summer is coming!

Whew! I survived Art-A-Whirl! Thank you all who visited, signed my guest book, commented on my paintings, found an "orphan" to take home. This year I met people who have garments I can borrow, connections to vintage pieces, and even a new outlet for my "Art Cards."

One guest recorded my story of the little blue coat my mom made ( and I paintied) from hand-me-down fabric from her aunt!

Another visitor gave me 5 bags of amazing vintage shoes his mother had collected. They are all sitting out and ideas are percolating!


Springtime in the Studio!

April brings some new work to the studio. First Thursday, April 4 from 5-9. Stop and see what I've been working on. New dresses and garments, varnish and wet paint are drying.

Second Saturday, April 13, noon to 6 pm.... I have a special guest, Suzanne Kosmalski will have photos from her MN State Arts Board Project, Landscapes of Memory: The Dakota War..."a series of color photographs, exploring landscapes marked by battles of the Dakota Indian War."



fresh painting.... from photos or life!

I start with the basics...composition, marker thumbnails, values... then paint. Whether from photos or from life, my goal is that the finial painting should have the same fresh feeling. Join us in the Hill Country of Texas. Tuesday - Thursday, Feb 19-21, 2013
Details and lodging? Contact dena@wenmohsranch.com


New year....new leaf

Hope to start some new habits. I may not commit to a painting a day... but how about "almost a painting a day!"

Here you go.